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About Me

HORS CIRCUIT, is a French music producer, author, composer. He produces music for independent artists, short films, musical shows, theater… 

Others say of him that he does nothing like everyone else.

Without limit, he produces music which “vibrates” whatever the musical style.

 For him, the characteristic of the composer, of the artistic director, of the creator, is to compose songs with hybrid genres while using labels to characterize his pieces.


“Why do you want to navigate in the same current, when the music brings a diversity of sounds, colors, culture, emotions …”

 Choose a style? He doesn’t want to fall into a category. He loves all music. He decided to break his codes, and to feel free:

 free to do anything, free to launch, free to create.

Each song is a story: a path, an adventure.

In his need for diversity, he takes songs left in a drawer or on K7s, on hard drives, and he tells himself that life is too short and that they have to live …

 He then worked with various singers around the world, with the aim of releasing one single per month:

 He will be accompanied by artists from: Spain, South Africa, England, Nigeria, Brazil, United States, Germany, Ireland, Ukraine …

So, get ready for an OFF-CIRCUIT musical journey with him.